Great progarm at 6:45 on Tuesday, November 13: Fred Bassett, Founder of Hummingbird Research, Inc., on "Tiny, Mighty Hummingbirds".

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Active: Sept - April
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When: Program Meetings are held the Second Tuesday of each month at 6:45pm.

Where:Trinity Episcopal Parish Hall, 204 SR 26, Melrose

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Conservationist of the Year: 2017
A highlight of every Santa Fe Audubon Annual Meeting is the award to our "Conservationist of the Year." Recipients for this award are citizens chosen for their commitment to conservation, perseverance toward a goal, acquired knowledge about a species or special place, ability to lead and inspire others, and as examples of dedication to the cause of conservation.

Bob Segal and Debra Knight, recipients of the SFAS Conservationist of the Year 2017, with Laura Berkelman, president of Santa Fe Audubon.
This year, Santa Fe Audubon was delighted to award Conservationist of the Year 2017 jointly to both Dr. Bob Knight and Debra Segal. Bob and Debbie are both scientists who have devoted their professional careers to develop better ways to protect Florida’s water. Bob is founder and director of the Florida Springs Institute, a non-profit that focuses on restoration and protection of Florida’s artesian springs. Debbie is president-elect of Alachua Audubon.

When it comes to protection of water resources, there are few others who have worked so diligently or achieved so much. Of recent and local interest, Bob and Debbie helped design and promote both the incredible Sweetwater Wetlands Park and Ichetucknee Springs Water Quality Improvement Project. Both projects have been huge success stories for clean water and wildlife habitat.

Past Recipients
2016 Jill McGuire For being a driving force and providing effective leadership and advocacy for clean water, clean air, and a healthy environment, through the Santa Fe Lake Dwellers and Santa Fe Audubon.
2015 Dr. Richard Franz For his tireless work with the Palatka Water Works Environmental Education Center and for the Bartram Trail in Putman County Committee
2014 Claude Brown For the instrumental part he played organizing the Putnam Land Conservancy and his ongoing work to acquire and preserve ecologically important lands throughout Putnam County.
2013 Dr. Terry Brant Providing exceptional leadership and assistance to local governments and conservation organizations, focusing on facilitating cooperation, minimizing conflict, and improving effective water management for the area.
2012 Jackie Host Leadership in protection of water resources; President of Lake Area Water Alliance
2011 Bill Chitty Thousands of hours of volunteer work over the last 15 years with FWC and Forestry Service biologists in our State Forests and Parks, compiling data on local area listed (special concern, threatened, endangered) species.
2010 Bill and Jan Bolte A lifetime of conservation leadership; founded and conducted the Melrose Christmas Bird Count for years and years before Santa Fe Audubon Society was formed.